Source code for stride.optimisation.loss.functional

from ...problem import Scalar

__all__ = ['FunctionalValue']

[docs]class FunctionalValue(Scalar): """ Container class for the calculated functional value and the residuals. Parameters ---------- fun_value : float Scalar value of the functional. shot_id : int ID of the shot for which the value has been calculated. residuals : Data Calculated residuals. """ def __init__(self, fun_value, shot_id, residuals=None, **kwargs): super().__init__(**kwargs)[:] = fun_value self.shot_id = shot_id self.fun_value = fun_value # TODO Residuals use space that we don't always need # self.residuals = residuals def __repr__(self): return 'loss %e for shot %d' % (self.fun_value, self.shot_id)