Running mosaic, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Initialise the runtime and then run the main in it.

  • main (callable) – Entry point for mosaic.

  • args (tuple, optional) – Arguments to mosaic.init.

  • kwargs (optional) – Keyword arguments to mosaic.init.

mosaic.init(runtime_type='head', runtime_indices=(), address=None, port=None, parent_id=None, parent_address=None, parent_port=None, monitor_address=None, monitor_port=None, pubsub_port=None, num_workers=1, num_threads=None, mode='local', reuse_head=False, monitor_strategy='round-robin', log_level='perf', profile=False, node_list=None, asyncio_loop=None, dump_init=False, wait=False, **kwargs)[source]

Starts the global mosaic runtime.

  • runtime_type (str, optional) – Type of runtime to instantiate, defaults to head.

  • runtime_indices (tuple, optional) – Indices associated with the runtime, defaults to None.

  • address (str, optional) – Address to use for the runtime, defaults to None. If None, the comms will try to guess the address.

  • port (int, optional) – Port to use for the runtime, defaults to None. If None, the comms will test ports until one becomes available.

  • parent_id (str, optional) – UID of the parent runtime, if any.

  • parent_address (str, optional) – Address of the parent runtime, if any.

  • parent_port (int, optional) – Port of the parent runtime, if any.

  • monitor_address (str, optional) – Address of the monitor to connect to.

  • monitor_port (int, optional) – Port of the monitor to connect to.

  • pubsub_port (int, optional) – Publishing port of the monitor to connect to.

  • num_workers (int, optional) – Number of workers to instantiate in each node, defaults to 1.

  • num_threads (int, optional) – Number of threads to assign to each worker, defaults to the number of available cores over num_workers.

  • mode (str, optional) – Mode of the runtime, defaults to local.

  • reuse_head (bool, optional) – Whether to set up workers in the head node, defaults to False.

  • monitor_strategy (str, optional) – Strategy used by the monitor to allocate tessera, defaults to round robin.

  • log_level (str, optional) – Log level, defaults to perf.

  • profile (bool, optional) – Whether to start the profiler, defaults to False.

  • node_list (list, optional) – List of available node addresses to connect to.

  • asyncio_loop (object, optional) – Async loop to use in our mosaic event loop, defaults to new loop.

  • dump_init (bool, optional) – Whether to dump initialisation file.

  • wait (bool, optional) – Whether or not to return control to calling frame, defaults to False.

  • kwargs (optional) – Extra keyword arguments.