Source code for stride.problem.transducer_types.transducer

from abc import ABC

from ..base import GriddedSaved

__all__ = ['Transducer']

[docs] class Transducer(ABC, GriddedSaved): """ The transducer holds information about its location in space, its type, as well as other things such as IRs. Parameters ---------- id : int Identifier assigned to this transducer. name : str Optional name for the shot. grid : Grid or any of Space or Time Grid on which the Transducer is defined """ type = '' """Type of transducer, e.g. point_transducer""" def __init__(self, id, name=None, *args, **kwargs): name = name or 'transducer_%05d' % id super().__init__(*args, name=name, **kwargs) if id < 0: raise ValueError('The transducer needs a positive ID') = id self.transmit_ir = None self.receive_ir = None self._coordinates = None @property def coordinates(self): """ Coordinates of points in the transducer, relative to its centre. Returns ------- ndarray Coordinate array. """ return self._coordinates
[docs] def sub_problem(self, shot, sub_problem): """ Create a subset object for a certain shot. A SubProblem contains everything that is needed to fully determine how to run a particular shot. This method has no effect for this particular case. Parameters ---------- shot : Shot Shot for which the SubProblem is being generated. sub_problem : SubProblem Container for the sub-problem being generated. Returns ------- Transducer Transducer instance. """ return self
def __get_desc__(self, **kwargs): description = { 'id':, 'type': self.type, } return description def __set_desc__(self, description): =