Source code for mosaic.comms.serialisation

import pickle
import cloudpickle

__all__ = ['serialise', 'deserialise']

def pickle5_dumps(data):
    out_band = []
    in_band = pickle.dumps(data, protocol=5, buffer_callback=out_band.append)
    return in_band, out_band

def pickle5_loads(in_band, out_band):
    return pickle.loads(in_band, buffers=out_band)

[docs] def serialise(data): """ Serialise ``data`` using Pickle protocol 5 as a default and, failing that, resort to cloudpickle. Parameters ---------- data : object Returns ------- bytes Pickled object, in-band. list List of zero-copy buffers, out-of-band. """ try: return pickle5_dumps(data) except pickle.PicklingError: return cloudpickle.dumps(data), []
[docs] def deserialise(in_band, out_band): """ Deserialise using Pickle protocol 5. Parameters ---------- in_band : bytes Pickled object. out_band : list List of buffers. Returns ------- deserialised object """ return pickle5_loads(in_band, out_band)